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The Original Series Howell Conversion Cylinders

Holser Barn

The original Howell conversion cylinders offer simplicity in converting your favorite steel framed percussion revolver to fire cartridges. Simply remove the percussion cylinder and replace it with one of our cylinders and the gun is complete.

Reloading the cylinder is simple. Remove it from the revolver, take off the back plate, replacing the empty cartridges with the new one, then reassemble the revolver.

The cylinders and back plates are made from certified 4150 Arsenal grade steel, insuring strength and durability. All models of our original series conversion cylinders are designed for use with either smokeless “Cowboy” ammunition or Black powder ammunition.

ALL our Conversion cylinders must be used with STEEL FRAMED revolvers!

The original series requires no modification to the original revolver, giving the owner two guns in one!